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Eunji Ryu

“Eunji’s daily drawings” Art Book

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은지의 하루만화 - Eungi's Daily Drawings by Eunji Ryu.

Published by Ghost Books - a small bookstore and publishing studio in Daegu, South Korea.

It is a slice-of-life comic book that warmly records the moments of peace created by the little things in the struggle of small daily life of moving from the city to the countryside.

This book feel is mostly in the form of silent comics. The main characters are Eunji, Incheol and their cats Kuro and Shiro. Also, the dog Ronnie and the tree Popo - who live in Eunji’s imaginary space called ‘little room’ - appear occasionally.

Eunji Ryu
Illustrator and operator of Ghost Books.
As she moved from the city to the countryside, she felt that the scenery she saw and the emotions she felt had changed little by little, and she started drawing those trivial but precious daily moments.


- 7.9" x 4.3" / 11 x 20 cm
- 98 pages
- Softcover