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Ren Yamakawa

BOOM サーターアンダギー Patch

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BOOM サーターアンダギー - 2018
This is not a joke, but a true story.

Living alone, the first deep fried food I made was サーターアンダギー (sata andagi: Okinawan donut). My old stove didn’t have a temperature setting. I guess the oil got too hot. The moment the sata andagi batter hit the oil, BOOM!!!!!!!!!! Engulfed by the flames from the movie Die Hard, I prepared to meet my doom, but fortunately the fire quickly exhausted itself. Luckily, the house and my body survived with only minor injury.

An iron-on patch from Have a Good Day - an emblem diary that portrays daily life events of the graphic designer Ren Yamakawa.

"In our lives, countless things happen every day. It's easy to forget about them without noticing in our busy days. And if we forget about them, trivial dramatic events will disappear from this world, like a bubble popping. So I decided to turn events of my life into emblems."

Size: 3.9" x 3.2" / 100 x 80 mm approx.