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Mutsumi Yoshimaru

Brooch Hat - Cherry Pie

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A corduroy cap with a handmade one-of-a-kind beaded brooch from Crepe by Mutsumi Yoshimaru, a Japanese beading artist.

The brooch can be removed and used independently. Crumbs and a cherry at the back are embroidered on the hat. The hat has a vintage feel.

It gives your outfits sparkle and a little bit more personality.
Everyone can't help keeping their eyes on the hat with the glittering pie :)

Mutsumi creates her work with unique motifs and delicate artistry. It's so charming at first glance, but if you take a closer look, you will be surprised how her brooches are elaborate.

She uses various beads to give it a special touch.
Sometimes it looks like just one color surface, but it's made of multiple types of beads with slightly different colors and shapes.

• One Size Fits Most

• Adjustable strap back with metal clasp

• Unstructured crown
• Cotton 100%

Brooch size: 00” x 00” / 0 x 0 mm

Brooch material: beads and spangles on the front, suede and a safety catch pin on the back