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Mutsumi Yoshimaru

Brooch - Koala Guitarist

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A handmade beaded brooch from Crepe by Mutsumi Yoshimaru, a Japanese beading artist.

A koala playing the guiter.
Also, here is their friends - the Koala Bassist, the Koala Drummer, and the MC Cat.

This lovely koala gives your outfits sparkle and a little bit more personality.
Everyone can't help complimenting you when they see this little cutie on your dress!

Mutsumi creates her work with unique motifs and delicate artistry.
It's so charming at first glance, but if you take a closer look, you will be surprised how her brooches are elaborate.

She uses various beads to give it a special touch.
Sometimes it looks like just one color surface, but it's made of multiple types of beads with slightly different colors and shapes.

Since it comes in a lovely paper box, it's excellent to be a gift too.

Size: H1.8” x W1.4” / H45 x W35 mm
Material: beads on the front, suede and a safety catch pin on the back