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Ren Yamakawa

F**KIN’ RAIN Patch

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F**KIN’ RAIN - 2017
Every morning, there's an enormous amount of birds at my town's station. They hang out on the wires, and from time to time they sprinkle droppings down all at once, as if they'd conspired to. Even I've been grazed by it once. Shit.

An iron-on patch from Have a Good Day - an emblem diary that portrays daily life events of the graphic designer Ren Yamakawa.

"In our lives, countless things happen every day. It's easy to forget about them without noticing in our busy days. And if we forget about them, trivial dramatic events will disappear from this world, like a bubble popping. So I decided to turn events of my life into emblems."

Size: 3.1" x 2" / 80 x 52 mm approx.