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Saigo no Shudan

“Kanjin Kun” Comic

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An accordion book of a short comic by Ayumu Arisaka from Saigo no Shudan.

Published by Glacier Bay Books, an independent publisher based in Manitoba, Canada.

It is originally written in Japanese and contributed to the book “Kanjin” published by FOLK old book store, a bookstore and publisher in Osaka, Japan. Glacier Bay Books translated it into English and made it in a special accordion book format.

Following a spirit birthed in a ‘hollow space’, that goes in search of a body, their body, which must too be in search of a soul. Employing Ayumu’s ingenius, spacious layouts, charming design work, and almost elastic drawing, and leaving just enough of the narrative shrouded in ambiguity; a rare work and one that will appeal to arts comics lovers.

- A5 size ( 8.25" x 5.8" / 210 x 148 mm )
- 12 pages
- Full color offset printing on textured stock