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Eunji Ryu

“Rhythm and Drawing” Art Book

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Rhythm and Drawing by Eunji Ryu.

Published by Ghost Books - a small bookstore and publishing studio in Daegu, South Korea.

It contains 55 paintings that Eunji painted on a pocket notebook and small papers in her daily life in 2021, along with photographs of pottery works.

- size: 7" x 5" / 177 x 130 mm
- 116 pages
- Cloth hardcover

Published in November 2021.

A small cup is placed in front of me.
The dark brown coffee in it creates waves on the surface as the desk shakes finely,
and it reminds me of a deep blue lake I have seen somewhere.
I draw the sky while listening to the sounds of birds singing and wind blowing and surrounding a forest.
The purposeless drawing leads me in a direction separate from my consciousness.
I grab a brush and start drawing on a rustling paper.
Brown coffee, waves, lake, birds and sky…
Then I don't know exactly what I was trying to draw.
But I feel a comfortable rhythm in the things I draw without calling it art.