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Eunji Ryu

“This is a song of paper” Art Book

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“This is a song of paper” by Eunji Ryu.

Published by Ghost Books - a small bookstore and publishing studio in Daegu, South Korea.

- size: 7.3" x 5.1" / 185 x 130 mm
- 44 pages
- Softcover

Published in October 2022.

'When I draw a brush dipped in paint on paper as if tossing it, the colors and shapes come together to pull out a word from somewhere in my heart, and before I know it, it becomes a melody like a poem and sings.

This is a song of paper.'

This is a collection of watercolor works by illustrator Ryu Eun-ji.  She creates new landscapes with her own shapes and colors of everyday elements such as forests, trees, birds, books, and cats. If you listen closely, you can hear small songs flowing from the scenery. Listen carefully to a song of paper!